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GoSign is for everyone: large and small businesses

Professional firms, public administrations and enterprises. GoSign makes all approvals and signing workflows easier and more efficient

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Your office is everywhere, and everything is under control

Get documents signed by your customers faster and manage your internal approvals with your team wherever you are, directly online.

With GoSign your staff prepare documents, select the recipients, and share documents with those who have to sign in a few clicks.

Your team is more efficient and professional, Customers will be happy to interact with you online, You have everything under control at all times!

A more agile and efficient public administration is good for everyone

GoSign allows public entities to manage any practice authorization, approval or signature without having to use paper.
Any office can go digital without making expensive investments ans in a short time.

Your Company will focus less on bureaucracy and more on business

Save the time you spend on "paperwork" to dedicate yourself to your customers.
GoSign is the tool that allows you to sign and share documents online, with your customers or suppliers, manage authorization with your team and get everything in order, always in your mobile device.

Try it and starts to:

  • Request approval of invoices and quotes with electronic signature
  • Sign important agreements with qualified electronic signature
  • Request signatures to all users you work with
  • Organize permissions with your employees

Exploits the benefits of digital and speeds up your business

GoSign is already appreciated by large organizations to manage all signing processes and approval within the company or with external stakeholders.

Every business function can finally focus on its tasks and manage the signature and approvals in digital, more safely, thanks to electronic and digital signatures.

All the Benefits for Your Organizzation


Significant time reduction for approvals
No more printing, sending, archiving paper documents
Effective geographic coverage with no physical resource


Documents signed anywhere anytime
Full legal compliance and better convenience
Digital archiving of signed documents


The maximum legal strengths with the smoothest UX
Signature processes can be easily extended to customers, partners and suppliers
Standard API for integration with existing IT Systems for enterprise-wide digital transactions


Multiple types of Certificate supported (according to specific transaction risks)
Customized approval workflow
Full Governance of workflows and transactions

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